Solving Challenges For Every Client

Clients will always be the most valuable asset at GETCHOICE! With clients in industries across all major energy markets in North America, GETCHOICE! provides consulting and guidance when making critical decisions about energy and financial risk management. Through GETCHOICE! expertise in dealing with the complexity of national and global energy markets, clients can be assured their energy needs are well-managed, while they focus on core business operations.

Benefits We Deliver

  • Estimated 5-10% energy rate savings by transaction negotiations
  • Estimated 20% savings by market monitoring & identifying buying opportunities
  • Average 3-5% savings by thorough audit of utility spend
  • Average 10% consumption savings by identifying energy savings measures and projects
    • Lighting
    • Retrocomissioning
    • EnergyStar benchmarking
    • Power factor correction
  • Numerous “soft” savings:
    • Administrative time, business continuity assurance, data accuracy, reliable access to information

Client Testimonials

ResCare chose to partner with GETCHOICE! due to their commitment to ensure there was minimal effort on the part of our staff and that the entire process would be easy, efficient, and most importantly, add value. They have delivered on all aspects of their commitment. I am very pleased with our partnership with GETCHOICE!

Michael J Reibel

Chief Business and Technology Services Officer
ResCare, Inc.

GETCHOICE! began a full energy consulting partnership three years ago with Trilogy Health Services. Trilogy was previously managed by another energy consulting firm, but GETCHOICE! ensured that greater savings and customer services would be achieved through the GETCHOICE! program.
After completion of the original three year consulting agreement, Trilogy renewed for another three year consulting agreement, and provided the following feedback…
“You guys have been doing exactly what you promised, and it is great working with you. Thank you for the info on the savings over the past 3 years. That has been shared with the senior leadership team here.”

Paul P. Plevyak, Jr

Sr. Vice President of Finance
Trilogy Health Services

GETCHOICE! has been a wonderful partner of ours for 10 years now. They understand our business objectives and have positioned us with the best provider to fit our needs consistently.

Andrea Young

Sam Houston Race Park

Goode Company’s long-term relationship with GETCHOICE! has allowed us to maintain focus on daily operations and strategic growth instead of the management of utility expenses. As we expand our business with new locations and restaurant concepts, we do so with confidence that our energy expenses will be effectively managed by GETCHOICE!

Rudy Fernandez

Chief Financial Officer
Goode Company

As a global bank with approximately 1,000 locations in the US alone, it was imperative for us to have a long term partner for our hedging strategy, as well as a proper utility data management system to provide us the visibility to our assets on a real-time basis. GETCHOICE!'s procurement, regulatory expertise and proprietary software, GET: Smart Management Technology, provided all the tools for us to continue to focus on our own business while knowing that our utility and related data needs are properly taken care of.

Director, Corporate Premises & Services

Major Global Bank, Top 20 Financial Institution (5,000 locations in Americas)

Our relationship with GETCHOICE! gives us a competitive edge knowing that our clients’ procurement is handled to allow them to take advantage of the most strategic opportunities in the market. GETCHOICE!'s market insight allows our property management and engineering teams to have more time to focus on their daily duties of serving tenants and guests. GET: Smart Management Technology, GETCHOICE!'s proprietary utility data management software, allows us to stay ahead, be organized, get all the reporting we need, and automate our EnergyStar process.

Kevin Roberts

President, Southwest

With generous support from our community, the Houston Food Bank brings hope in the form of food to 800,000 children, women and men in southeast Texas each year. We count GETCHOICE! among our friends who help us channel our resources toward our mission: leading the fight against hunger. GETCHOICE! allow us provide millions of meals through savings on our utility bills. We’re grateful to GETCHOICE! for its role in powering hunger relief.

Besty Ballard, APR

Chief Communications Officer
Houston Food Bank

I would like to express my personal gratitude with all the new store utility setups. GETCHOICE! has really shown how reliable and prompt they can be and it has not gone unnoticed.
Thanks again for working with us to set up and procure all of our gas and electricity needs swiftly, as well as bringing the technological solution of GET: Smart Management Technology for our utility data management.

Russ Wilkerson

Accounts Payable – Utilities
At Home

I have worked with GETCHOICE! over the last ten years achieving outstanding results – innovative ideas and ultimately saving my company(ies) tens of thousands of dollars. GETCHOICE! provides industry leading advice, cost savings and delivers every time.

Scott E. Skrabanek

Chief Financial Officer

GETCHOICE! has been instrumental in assisting with the management of our electrical needs and supplying a competitively priced utility. The individualized service provided is a tremendous benefit to the hospital in its monitoring of expenses as well as assisting in our budgeting process. Each year since the inception of our relationship, GETCHOICE! has helped to lower our costs. The expertise that GETCHOICE! offers us by monitoring rates and notifying us with their recommendation about when to lock in rates has proven very successful. I highly recommend GETCHOICE! to those seeking a dependable service provider that is willing to act as a partner.

William A Brosius

St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital

When buying electricity for your business, you are really buying natural gas. So deciding who to buy your power from really becomes a question of who knows the natural gas market the best.
After meeting GETCHOICE!, it became apparent they were the most knowledgeable of natural gas than the other electricity providers. This was because they broker 54% of natural gas options trades in North America as well as are the provider of a plethora of weather information and services. Having superior market knowledge and inherent information primacy made GETCHOICE! the clear choice as our electricity provider.

Jason Johnson

Raw Materials Purchasing Manager
Kaneka North America, LLC