Engineering Consulting

On Site Improvements

Infrared Thermography
Infrared thermography is a method to display images of temperature distribution. Detecting heat patterns helps identify deteriorating components before they fail. Clients save time and money by preventing problems before causing damage to personnel, equipment and facility.
Leed And Energy Star Certification
Clients will be recognized as an energy conscious organization with a LEED and/or ENERGY STAR certification. LEED certifications are for environmentally friendly buildings and offer award recognition and credits. ENERGY STAR certifications are only eligible to properties that perform in the top 25% when compared to their peer’s energy usage nationwide.
Commissioning and retro-commissioning reduces operating and energy costs whether a new or existing building. Clients will have better equipment performance by ensuring their buildings systems and equipment are operating in accordance with their design intent.

Utility Sales Tax Recovery

Predominant use studies are necessary for businesses to be sales tax exempt on utilities used toward exempt purposes. GETCHOICE! performs the study to determine the percentage of electric and gas used, provide exempt certificates and secure refunds for clients if applicable. Predominant percentages, exempt industries and refund periods vary by state.

Power Quantity Engineering

Power quality analysis improves a business’s power factor and potentially reduces energy consumption. Clients can be confident their electrical system is working nominally by eliminating anomalies in their electrical system.

ARC Flash Study

OSHA regulations require the necessary ARC flash study information to be posted for anyone that may approach or be exposed to energized electrical equipment. ARC flash studies determine the risk to personnel, warn personnel of hazards and instruct personnel what personal protective equipment (PPE) to wear. Following government regulations reduces risks to employees, as well as avoids penalties and law suits for the client.