GETCHOICE! provides clients with energy advisory services covering many aspects of energy related topics including but not limited to procurement, bill review and auditing, rate analysis, budgeting, benchmarking, demand-response and demand side management, renewables, energy efficiency, on-site/distributed generation, regulatory compliance, power factoring, sales tax recovery, and more. GETCHOICE!‘s commissions are often included in the supplier offers that are gathered during the RFP process.  In some instances clients choose to compensate GETCHOICE! directly via monthly retainer.

Once the client authorizes GETCHOICE! to receive energy usage data, the client has engaged GETCHOICE! for its service offerings. A client can terminate an existing advisory relationship at any time by providing written notice. There will be no fee for terminating an agreement to provide the services unless it is specifically indicated via a written agreement between parties. Termination of the relationship does not preclude GETCHOICE! from receiving commissions by suppliers from any previously executed transactions.

Please contact our toll free number, 1-888-341-6370 for inquiries, questions, complaints, or to terminate an agreement to provide services, and to transact any other pertinent business.

The PUCT’s telephone number for complaints and inquiries is 512-936-7003 .

The PUCT’s email address is customer@puc.texas.gov .

“The PUCT’s physical address is Customer Protection:PO BOX 13326 Austin, TX 78711-3326.”