Utility Bill

GETCHOICE! is a full-service Expense & Data Management and Energy Procurement company with a global presence and a complete suite of services supported by in-house experts. GETCHOICE! leverages its proprietary, state of the art technology to reduce misapplied payments, late fees and shut offs. We understand utility bill management and offer the best-in-class service.


  • Swift Data Extraction by Artificial Intelligence
    • - 85-90% of our client’s data is received hands-free via our proprietary utility data platform by Artificial Intelligence
  • Invoice Validation
    • - 225+ audits managed by your data quality manager
  • Alert resolution
    • - Daily account alerts are managed by your data quality manager
  • Flexible variance parameters
    • - Customizable viewable data
  • Custodial Accounts
    • - General Ledger Customization
    • - Client Business Rules