All The Way
To The Meter.

Lighting Retrofits

Window Film

HVAC Upgrades

Analysis All The Way To The Meter.

  • System and equipment automation connects commercial HVAC, lighting, security and more to allow clients to optimize their energy consumption. Clients are able to analyze their energy systems data, see trends, keep history logs, schedule hours of operation and troubleshoot their equipment.
  • Upgrading plumbing with high efficiency fixtures for water closets, urinals, sinks, lavatories and shower heads significantly reduces water consumption. Clients have other options to reduce their water and energy consumption such as irrigation system improvements, leak detection, water audits, benchmarking sustainability goals, cooling tower maintenance and reclaimed water use.
  • GETCHOICE! assists with securing utility rebates and certifies tax deductions for energy efficiency projects. Clients can relax and be stress free by letting GETCHOICE! professionals navigate and secure rebates and certifications for their projects.