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Shoot Me Straight: Is Biden Wrecking Energy Markets?

April 5, 2022 - Amstutz Electricity Ercot GENERAL Natural Gas Oil Politics Strategic Procurement

By: Chris Amstutz We regret to inform you; the politicians are back at it again. We have commented on politics in energy numerous times in the past, and today we look to address the volley of energy headlines that have come out in recent weeks. Like every topic, there is nuance and gray area that […]

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ERCOT Disaster: MythBusters

February 25, 2021 - Amstutz Electricity Ercot Natural Gas Nuclear Power Politics Strategic Procurement Weather

By: Chris Amstutz The winter storm of the century in the energy capital of the world has frozen all preconceived notions of the Electric “Reliability” Council of Texas. As the snow melts and the plumbing repairs begin, the analysts at Choice! Energy Management find solace in aiding Texans through these difficult times. With any natural […]

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